Surrounded by a cloud of nutmeg and cinnamon fragrances, the sorceress puts the final touch to her creation: a potent potion of Pythonism, which promises immunity against perverted classes hierarchies and neverending compilations. Join us on November 30 at 6pm for Montréal-Python 81 – Ochre Libation – so that you too can benefit from the antidote.

With our new abridged formula, we will limit ourselves to three or four presentations for up to an hour of talks. Afterwards, we will proceed to a virtual happy hour on our new private Jitsi server, thanks to our partner FJNR.

In this meeting, you will hear:

  • Jean-Michel Laprise who will talk about Autofront, the automatic Web interface for Python;
  • Savandara Besse and Caroline Labelle who will talk about 100 Jours de Ran.Données, a initiation to data analysis.

If you would like to present at this event or in a future one, send us an email: