When March finally comes to an end, olive trees start flowering and with a bit a luck, the melting snow announces the start of the maple sugar season.

When conditions are good, olives and maples are known as more lucrative crops compared to wheat. And talking about good conditions, we have weaved our next Montréal-Python meeting specifically to take advantage of the Spring.

During Montréal-Python 84:

  • Martin Chlumsky will prepare advanced command lines using Cliff that are going to be so delectable that you will have an urge to lick your finger tips after typing them;
  • Duc Van Nguyen will present the module of the month with so much intensity that if there is any snow left by then, it will turn into steam before the end of the meeting;
  • Christian Hudon will show us how to find the friction points in our code with profiling; a drizzle of olive oil in the right spot and your code will feel turbo-charged!

We are waiting for you on March 22 at 6:00 pm! Sign up on Meetup to receive further announcements and watch on Youtube on the day of.