French, please!

From May 16th to May 31st, Montréal-Python is hosting a translation sprint around the official documentation of Python 3.9 to French.

Why should we translate ?

At the moment speaking, the official Python documentation for the 3.9 version is 54% translated. It’s a good ratio considering that many important parts of it are yet to be translated. One example would be the C API pages that are only 16% translated. In short, we are good with being a bit behind on the translation of advanced topics, as long as the translation of fundamentals is well on the way.

That being said, there is work to be done if we want the 3.9 doc to be as accessible as possible to people who are getting started with Python. Here is a summary of topics that are in need of attention:

  • What's New: 9%
  • Howto: 67%
  • Install: 50%
  • Config Parser: 2%
  • Context Vars: 2%
  • Datetime: 79%
  • Decimal: 19%
  • Doctest: 0%
  • Formatter: 0%
  • Functools: 72%
  • Ipaddress: 1%
  • Locale: 22%
  • Math: 86%
  • shutil: 12%
  • Types: 4%
  • xml.etree: 9%

On top of being useful to the community, translating a technical document is one of the best to gain the motivation needed for understanding a module in depth and for becoming an expert on the topic at hands.

This is why we get together to make progress on this topic towards the end of May.

How the sprint will work

Sunday May 16th at 11am, Montreal time, we will meet virtually in a video call to go through the necessary tooling for the translation project. Do not worry if you cannot attend: there will be a write up following the video call with the essential information.

After that, we will meet two times a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to discuss our problems and to find together the best translations for particularly niche matters. These meetings are completely optional as we will be staying in touch on Slack throughout the week.

Towards the end of the month we will work on tying some loose ends in order to present the results at Montréal-Python 86 (Jubilant Quadriceps).

I am interested! How do I sign up?

You can get started already by joining us on our Slack in the #hackathon-docs-python-fr channel. Get an invite to the Slack here: