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The current times have given rise to a diverse range of initiatives aiming at standing up to the public health crisis. Tonic Glacier Hackathon, organized by Montréal-Python, is an opportunity to make progress on ongoing projects and to get started on new ones. This 48h event will be held from May 1st to May 3rd, 2020 - save the date!

Our objective: to foster the creation and the development of prototypes projects that are concrete solutions to this crisis multiple angles.

This virtual hackathon is a meeting place between people leading crisis-related projects at different steps of development, and people wishing to get involved in such projects. This event is not a competition: everyone who contributes, everyone who learns something new along the way is already winning!

You do not have to know Python, you do not have to be a programmer: our goal is to act as a gathering of a diversified set of skills and knowledge in order to make ideas a reality and to move projects forward. Montréal-Python Hackathon team wishes to raise their hat to the general public for the collective response to the crisis. Together, #cavabienaller To join us, subscribe to Montréal-Python Slack; we will see you in the #hackathon channel!

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What is a hackathon? A hackathon is an event where people meet in order to create and collaborate on projects. Often centered around technology and start-ups, there is a wide variety of hackathons - what they usually have in common is fast prototyping.

I do not know anything about programming, is this for me? Yes ! All kinds of skills are needed and welcome to create successful projects that will be useful for the community: project management, design, human resources, legal support, community management, marketing, sales, finances, etc.

What type of projects are we looking for? For this hackathon, we are looking for projects oriented towards meeting concrete society needs, in this time of crisis. These products and services help the general public, community associations, nonprofits and businesses to stand up to the crisis and to adapt to the current situation.

What will happen at the hackathon?

  • Before the hackathon: anyone wishing to participate is invited to join us on Slack!
  • The hackathon itself will start Friday in the early evening (5pm max). Participants are invited to present their projects and to regroup themselves in teams, one by project.
  • Saturday is dedicated to making the project a reality through the elaboration of a prototype or a demonstration of the product or service.
  • On Sunday, each team is tasked with making a short presentation of their work, which could be made public or not depending on the wishes of the team.

How can I join the hackathon? You only need to join the #hackathon channel on Montréal-Python Slack. You can introduce yourself in the #hack-welcome channel and start networking with the goal of forming a team. Projects will be announced in #hack-projects.

My project is just an idea / My project is already available - can I participate? We accept projects that are at different steps of their journey, as long as they address ways of standing up to the crisis.

Will there be prizes for the best projects? In order to foster cooperation between participants, we decided not to offer prizes for projects.

What is Montréal-Python? Montréal-Python is a community around the popular Python programming language. Its first meetup was held on February the 7th, 2008.

Why is Montréal-Python organizing a hackathon? A hackathon is a great opportunity to make fast progress on concrete solutions and pragmatic prototypes through the gathering of people with a diversity of skill and backgrounds. We want the hackathon to act as a coming together of technology skills and the general Montreal community so that together, we can stand up to the crisis.