We've never really waited after a special occasion to share the pleasure of getting together in front of a good beer from Montréal. But with all the good news brought back from Atlanta, it's more than ever the time to see if our burst of enthusiasm will add to Montréal's taste.

Pythonistas, let's welcome back our Montrealer's Delegation to PyCon 2011 that, rather than the Stanley Cup, have brought the Superbowl of Python to Montréal [1].

"What?" "Where?" "Why?" [2] PyCon in Montréal in 2014 and 2015? It clearly deserves a good spontaneous 5-à-7.

See you at our beloved Bénélux, Tuesday 2011-03-22, starting when ever you want.


[1] Bring the Superbowl of Python to Your Hometown [2] Welcome Back, Kotter