Pythonistas, grab your pants firmly! We're really happy to announce the first Montréal-Python monthly event of 2012 : Knickers Khaki.

After the flaws of the stock market these recent years, we're in right to ask :

  • What's Python place in this maelstrom?
  • Does our favourite language can change the world and help us keep our AAA rating?
  • Into wich company or startup invest?

We'll may not answer all these questions but we're proud to invite you on January 30th, at Montréal-Python 27, Finance special edition.

The meeting will be held at UQAM, room SH-R810, Sherbrooke building on 200 Sherbrooke West.

Here's the program of the evening :

  • 6:00 PM : Opening
  • 6:20 PM : Annoucements
  • 6:30 PM : First salvo (Flash presentations)
  • 6:50 PM : Pause
  • 7:00 PM : Main presentations
  • 9:00 PM : End of evening at Bénélux

Our presenters will be :

Flash (5 mins)

  • Greg Whiteside (Betabrokers), « Email as an API for simulated stock trading »
  • Josh Nursing, « Le web sémantique en finance avec Python »

Short (10mins)

  • Marc Boucher (Caisse de dépot et de placements), « Gestion d'actifs avec Python »

Normal (20 mins)

  • Hugues Demers (BullBear), « Un outil d'analyse des nouvelles de matières premières »
  • Alok Mohindra, « A Hitchhiker's Guide to Big Data & Finance for Pythonistas »

Long (45mins)

  • Taavi Burns (Freshbooks), « Evolving an Internal Web Service »

The event is free and open to all. Snacks will be provided and yes, there will be again some free beer...

As always, we are really proud to have the support of our sponsors, willing to get involved in the Python community. Thanks to all of them: