Summer is ending and we're working hard to prepare you a rockingly unique back to school time!

Well when we're gone, there ain't no stop! And that's why when our siblings from Toronto launched PyCon Canada we really wanted to be in it.

Indeed, the whole Canadian Pythonistas community is called to gather in this first edition conference, from November 9th to 11th. Giving some pep to the Canadian Python is a good step towards the PyCon Conference that will be held here in Montreal in 2014-2015.

Montréal-Python will be there... will you?

The CFP is launched

Regarding Montrealers at PyCon, we're counting on you to submit proposals that will reflect the diversity and experience of our community. Everyone is welcome, from the freshly initiated to the expert willing to share its knowledge, we have interest in your experience!

Talks are 20 minutes long but 45 minutes talks will be taken in consideration; not talking about the tutorials (3h). Sprints are also welcome.

You can submit your talk on PyCon Canada website. Otherwise, you can submit it by email at this address :

Your talk proposition must have these informations :

  • Name of the talk or tutorial
  • Lenght of the talk/tutorial
  • Targeted audience (Diifficulty level)
  • Talk/tutorial abstract - 200 car. max
  • outline of the talk/tutorial

This fall, Toronto counts on you!