You are invited to participate to the second edition of the Global Day of Code Retreat.

A Code Retreat is a day-long intense practice event focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. Practicing the fundamentals is an essential step to increase maintainability and to be able to write code that minimizes the cost of change in the long term.

December 8th is Global Day of Code Retreat! Join us with over 2000 other programmers worldwide to hone your skills. Check out for more details.

Doors open at 9h30 and the event starts at 10am.

What will we do?

You will program Conway's game of life six times, each time with a different partner (and possibly a different programming language). The facilitator might propose a challenge for each session to make you think out of the box. Each session is followed by a short retrospective on what was learned.

What do I need to get prepared?

You'll need to bring your laptop with a test environment of your favorite programming language. For example unittest (Python), JUnit (Java), NUnit (.Net), Rspec (Ruby) or Jasmine (javascript) are all fine choices. Don't let this list fool you though - all languages are welcomed.

We also ask you to bring a power bar (it can always be useful).

If you can bring another mouse and a keyboard, it will facilitate pairing sessions.

How can I participate?

To subscribe, go to It's free! Lunch is provided by Wajam and the room by Notman House