The Montreal Python team would like to invite you to two very special events regarding OpenStreetMap, the mapping project based on open data that anyone can edit.

First, on Wednesday May 22nd at 7:00pm, there will be a workshop on editing OpenStreetMap. This workshop will be held at Caravan Coop, located at 5334 rue de Gaspé. For more information and to register to the event, please visit

Second, on Sunday June 2nd at 1:00pm, we invite you to an onsite mapping experience. The goal of this "mapping party" is to ensure the quality of the map in the neighbourhood of the Palais des congrès de Montréal. For more information and to register to the event:

Why map the neighbourhood of the Palais des congrès?

You most certainly know that Montreal will be the host of the next PyCon in 2014, and that the Montreal Python's team plays a central role in the event organization. About 2500 people are expected at the Palais des congrès in April 2014, and we would like to welcome them with due honor. To that effect, we wish to provide attendees an in-depth map of the surroundings of the Palais, to inform them of the various restaurants and shops to visit.

On a different matter, but still regarding PyCon 2014, we have begun an Insider's Guide for the attendees:'s-guide. We would like to have your feedback. If you know good restaurants or fun activities to do in Montreal, please write us at

So, what do you think? Ready for the adventure?