Montréal-Python 10 will take place at UQAM, on Wednesday 2009-12-09 in room PK-5115 of the President-Kenedy building. The PK building is located at 201 Président-Kenedy, it also has a direct entrance to the Place-des-Arts metro station.

Here is our schedule for the evening:

  • 18h00: Opening
  • 18h20: Announcements
  • 18h30: Flash presentations
  • 19h00: Break
  • 19h20: Main presentation
  • 20h30: Discussions and refreshments at Benelux

Our flash presenters will be:

  • Alexandre Bourget: Introduction to WSGI
  • Pierre-Luc Beaudoin: Agenda du Libre
  • Jeremy Barnes: PyJML -- case study of C extensions
  • Marco Robado: Introduction to the Sage symbolic math environment
  • Marcin Swiatek: Bioinformatics with Python

Our main presenter will be Chris Steel and he's going to walk us through Universal Cake, a case study of using web2py for Web development.

Universal Cake is that desert which taste good to everyone, everywhere, at any time. In terms of software it is the perfect application that comes in every language, is 100% accessible and is so easy to use that it you are unaware of the complexities it hides. It runs on any operating system and it does exactly what you want it to do. An interface to our current mixed media of radio waves, sound waves, electrons and increasingly photons, perhaps Marshall McLuhan would have describe it as frosting, or even the "skin" on our shiny new extended and now highly interconnected nervous system.
Chris has a numbingly long and exceedingly diverse employment history that has become impossible to summarize. He currently provides contract services to the LED R&D branch of a medium sized US lighting company where he helped deploy their first digital signage network. At the moment, he is also in the process of launching a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting "fair access" to social, political and economic resources.
Originally from the Washington D.C. area, he grew up in a tiny town that was full of journalists, scientists, musicians, professors, artists, lawyers and the most liberated mothers on the planet at the time. As the forests and farmlands surrounding their tiny town where bulldozed and the lakes filled in to create mega malls and shopping centers our town maintained it's independence by regularly and successfully battling to divert highways, national convenience store chains, incinerators and other threats to the towns integrity.
Today, the front of most of the homes in the town still face the gravel "walkways" and communal green spaces are full of deer who no longer have any other place to go. The only clue that you are in the center of a high density population center is that in addition to the sound of the birds and children playing you can also hear the distinctive hum of the nearby "outer beltway".