Montréal-Python 17 (code name Apotropaic Archeologist) will take place in room PK-1620 of UQAM on Monday 2010-11-29. This is in the President-Kennedy building.

Here is our schedule for the evening:

  • 18h00: Doors open
  • 18h20: Announcements
  • 18h30: Flash presentations
  • 19h00: Break
  • 19h20: Main presentations
  • 20h30: Discussions and refreshments at Benelux

The main presentation will be given by Sébastien Labbé and Franco Saliola; it will showcase Sage, the math exploration environment for Python.

Sage is a free and open source software for mathematics. Featuring a growing worldwide community, its mission is to offer an alternative to commercial packages such as Maple and Mathematica. Slides will be in English and the presentation will be done in French or in English, depending on what the audience is more comfortable with. We will present an introduction to Sage (history, mission, community, links with Python). We will also perform a demonstration that will highlight projects born from Sage and now growing independently: the Notebook interface and the Cython language.
Franco Saliola, professor of mathematics at UQAM, and Sébastien Labbé, PhD student in applied mathematics and computer science at the LaCIM of UQAM, are Sage developers since 2008.

The event is free to addend and not registration is required. Some snacks will be provided but do not expect a complete meal.

Thanks to our sponsors for making Montréal-Python 17 possible: